About us

Our mission is to shape the future of healthcare using the latest technologies. At SynexCare, we are developing 
a new generation of healthcare products to support the process of medical diagnosis. Our products are distinguished by the use of various artificial intelligence mechanisms. This makes it possible to perform faster and more accurate patient diagnostics, which improves the actions of medical personnel.

The SynexCare team is formed by people with a passion for creating new medical solutions, with a wealth of experience, knowledge and commitment. People ready to shape a new era of healthcare.

SynexCare's strengths

Experience in designing and implementing medical technologies
Results of our work have been appreciated by medical staff of leading institutions in Poland

Ability to create artificial intelligence mechanisms

Ability to create advanced medical algorithms
Algorithms automate medical processes and ensure greater accuracy reducing the physician's workload

Knowledge of mechanisms of full automation of sales and logistics
Online sales model supported by remote sales and automation of sales-related processes, such as logistics, invoicing and debt collection


SynexCare products are designed to be used by medical personnel in facilities such as:


 Health clinics

 Nursing homes

 Doctor'S office


SynexCare solutions are designed for the diagnosis of chronically ill patients, during or after hospitalization, and are applicable across multiple medical units.

They consist of medical platforms operated on a PC, tablet or smartphone, and integrated devices to meet individual patient needs.

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 the products and services we offer: 

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